Travel planning for luxury caribbean vacations

Planning your getaway shouldn’t feel like gambling. Collaborate with someone who’s been there.

Take the risk out of vacation planning

Many people spend hours and hours looking at destinations, properties, photos, and online reviews only to remain unsure, overwhelmed, and anxious about their trip. 

We believe that these experiences with family and friends are meant to be precious, and you shouldn’t feel uncertain about your decision.

But the truth is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Allow us to collaborate with you so you can feel clear and excited about your decision.

Your dream vacation awaits!

What our clients are saying

"We have trusted Erica with two of our most important trips — our honeymoon and, years later, a spring break vacation with our kids. In both instances, the experience blew our expectations away. Erica helped us select the perfect resort properties and recommended experiences and upgrades that were ideal for our family. She provided amazing service before and during both trips. We’ll treasure those memories forever. And anytime we want to take a special trip in the future, she’ll be the first person we call."

    Brian & Laura

    Happy Clients

    "Erica booked us a wonderful trip to couples Negril in Jamaica. This was our first time at an all inclusive resort, and our first time traveling out of the country. From helping us choose a resort, to booking the property, to helping us choose what to do at the resort, to calming our travel fears, Erica was with us every step of the way. She told us exactly what to expect. Based on our personalities and preferences, she suggested resorts with amenities she knew were important to us. I could not have asked for a better experience- we loved every minute and didn’t have to worry at all because we knew she had addressed everything, and if there was an issue, she would handle it. She was interested in what things went well, and what things the resort could improve upon once we returned. Erica is a true wealth of travel knowledge and expertise, and a joy to work with."


      Happy Client

      "We trusted Erica to help us plan out our Honeymoon and it was absolutely the right decision for us. She was incredibly helpful from the start, and continued the great service all the way until we made it back home safely. After we first met with her over the phone, she laid out multiple destination options that fit our preferences, along with insights from personal experiences and other customers, making the decision to go with Atelier Playa Mujeres an easy choice. Her magnificent service didn't stop once you booked your stay, she kept in contact with us as our travel date was coming closer, making sure we had everything we needed for a successful trip. She even provided a detailed travel guide with tips to make everything smooth and worry-free."

        Jordan & Erin

        Happy Clients

        "Erica asked very thoughtful questions that helped us narrow down the options, set our expectations, and choose a vacation spot that was perfect for us. We appreciated her attention to detail, answering our questions prior to departure, and always knowing we could reach her while we were out of the country. I cannot recommend her expertise enough. If you need assistance planning your next getaway- Erica is your girl! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"


          Happy Client

          "My wife and I were extremely pleased to have Erica assist us with our travel arrangements. Vacation planning can be a daunting task. She covered every detail with us including property options, transportation, amenities, VIP packages, and help navigating customs. Even small conveniences we had never considered like TSA prescreening and various travel and resort apps that made our trip more comfortable. She was even available while we were away to handle any questions and concerns that might arise"


            Happy Client

            Meet Erica Fox

            Erica Fox is the owner of Elevated Vacations. She’s been in the travel consulting industry since 2010 and has personally visited hundreds of properties in the caribbean. Simply said, her passion is luxury travel, and her favorite part of her work is when a client finds their perfect spot. She’s seen how traveling to the right destination, with the right people, at the right time has impacted her overall quality of life, and she wants others to experience the same. If you haven’t met Erica, she’s funny, the life of the party, caring, and empathetic. But most importantly, she REALLY knows her stuff.

            Ready for your dream Vacation?

            At Elevated Vacations, we are dedicated to providing premium travel services that will take the hassle out of your trip planning process. You pick the place. We’ll take care of the rest.

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